Your worldwide offices, in one single service

With Nibol, you get a smart tool to manage all of your locations around the world while making your employees feel part of the same big family.

With just a single service you get:

An easier management of all of your spaces

From parking lots to meeting rooms, Nibol lets your employees book all of your shared spaces using a single app. Your offices will be more organized than ever.

The possibility of hot desking

Break down the barriers of assigned workstations. Easily map your office desks using Nibol, and let your employees book the one they like in one click.

A smart receptionist

Inviting and registering visitors' access with Nibol requires a few clicks. Avoid all the boring and bureaucratic procedures when inviting guests to your buildings. Your company will immediately become more welcoming.

A digital concierge

Nibol takes care of all of your incoming deliveries and automatically notifies their recipient. No more time wasted informing the owners when a package arrives.

A company benefit

Flexibility as a gift for your employees. Allowing them to work from wherever they want is a life-changing benefit to make them happier to do their job.

Complete tracking of the usage of your space

A precise monitoring on your office activities gives you a clear view of how your spaces are used. Statistics show if a building is exploited enough, or if it's possible to save money with a better space management.

The best way to manage your office

A complete new way of living your company spaces is waiting for you. Discover every Nibol feature and see how it will change your working life.

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