The freedom that makes you a freelancer!

Every freelancer needs offices, places to work and find the right concentration, or spaces to meet collaborators and clients. Nibol makes you free to choose as many as you want, without owning any.

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With just a single service you get:

Thousands of available places to work from

Co-workings, private rooms or smart cafes can be your next  location for a team meeting or a client presentation. You can choose the one that meets your needs and book it with one click.

The possibility to pay your locations from an app

Choose the smart cafe, private space or the co-working you like, book it for yourself and pay the location cost, always from the same app.

A stimulating and dynamic environment

Young freelancers need innovative ideas, but also meeting new people and entering a network of businesses. With Nibol, you join one of the most  dynamic freelance communities, and you have the opportunity to share your passion with them.

A digital business card

Set up your business card with your email address, phone number, social medias, and share it with those you'd like to keep in touch with. All this, always using Nibol.

Work from the most amazing workspaces

With Nibol you get the possibility of booking instantly the location you need. Download the app and make every working day different from the other.