Help us to be the best and bring Nibol to the world

In Nibol we are looking for great people, with positive attitude, high accountability and attention to details. We want to create one of the best environment for great makers around the world, starting from our country: Italy.

Why joining Nibol

We want to make something useful, new and awesome to help workers around the world to work on what they love, wherever they are. If it's something you dream too, you are in the right place.


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Great people, great results.

Full time, Milan / Remote

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Our Values

Maintaining a well-organized office is crucial to make a company work. Doing it smart is an opportunity to make that company modern.


We believe that giving people more responsibility means trusting them and giving them the freedom they need to do their best.


We are ready always open to new situations, new ways of living and experiencing work. Changes don’t scare us because we know how to ride them.


We don't just want to earn others' trust, we want to keep it. We want to make those around us feel safe, and we want to be chosen for the stability we convey.


Love what you do, and strive to find what you love. True passion is constant research, a commitment to finding our own path.


If we’re wrong, we admit our mistakes because we’re not afraid of judgements. Our only desire is to be clear and helpful.

Goal orientation

We know for sure that the desire to achieve a goal is the most significant source of motivation, so we keep our eyes on the target.


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    Innovative work environment

    We want to create great work environments around the world, and we are the first tester of our product.

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    Work from everywhere

    You can work from home, from our nice office in Milan, from one of our affiliated location or from a boat (as long as you can find an internet connection in the middle of the sea).

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    We find solutions for everyone

    We  believe in making everyone responsible and attached to the mission. If you need something to stay happier and healthier, just talk to us and we'll find a solution.