MAY 5, 2023

Personal default time for bookings

Under Settings, users can now personalize the default start and end times for your bookings at the office.

Fixes ad improvements

  • End-user app - We have listened to your feedback and simplified the process of selecting start and end times for booking by using the native time picker of iOS and Android..
  • Rooms tablet app - Fixed a bug related to notifications that prevented events from being updated in real time.

APR 11, 2023

Book anything, not only desk or meeting rooms

Book anything

Create new categories of bookable entities and add them to your spaces. Bookings for these new custom entities will overlap with existing desk, park, and meeting room bookings.

Fixes ad improvements

  • Rooms tablet app - Fixed an error that prevented check-in from functioning correctly and caused incorrect reporting of the occupancy status of a room.
  • Admin & End-user app - Fixed an error that prevented booking of an assigned desk.

MAR 28, 2023

Nibol 4.9

An all new version: features, design and performance

New features

  • Spaces section, for booking desks and meeting rooms outside your office (in co-working and other on-demand spaces across Europe).
  • Digital wallet, with company-enabled budget, for employees to use in co-working and other on-demand spaces.
  • Status sharing: "At office," "From remote," or "Not working" (leave or vacation). Both current and planned for the week.
  • Colleagues section to see where and when  colleagues are working, to better organize teamwork, both in the office and remotely.


  • Updated personal profile with information to share with colleagues.
  • One-tap booking of the last desk reserved.
  • Multiple reservations on non-consecutive days: booking for multiple days is now faster.
  • Improved visitor invitation, you can now assign a parking space to visitors (not just a desk).