Why you should invest in an effortless Green Pass check system

Many companies want to return to attendance. Employees’ priority is their private health data. Are you sure external visitors are willing to share their personal data?

How do we deal with it? How to satisfy all the needs and demands? Our solution is Nibol Safe.

As we have already said several times in this blog, many companies ask their employees to come back in attendance, maintain high productivity, integrate the corporate culture, and recover social relationships.

At the same time, employees' priorities remain health and safety in the workplace.

To all this is added the management of visitors from outside the company, all those suppliers and professionals who, for various reasons, need to access the company from time to time.

To accommodate these people without causing concern to employees, Green Passes must be applied for and checked.

But how do we deal with privacy and data retention? Are we sure everyone is willing to share them?

To satisfy the needs and demands of all these people, our solution is Nibol Safe, an effortless Green Pass management and control system.

Let's see together what are its main features.

The benefits of Nibol Safe

1. Each employee can independently load the Green Pass when booking a seat in the office.

In this way, the desk reservation becomes faster and more immediate, avoiding inefficiency (for example, the system does not register a workstation, and two employees find themselves the next day to have booked the same seat).

2. Nibol Safe scans the QR code and checks its validity without saving personal data.

This aspect is fundamental to reassure suppliers and professionals who are not employees in the company.

They will know that they can enter a safe and secure place and that their data is neither stored nor used for purposes other than those of the initial request.

3. Each employer can guarantee the safety of their employees by saving time and resources.

Think if you had to hire an employee at the entrance of your company, whose role is to check the Green Passes of each person who accesses the facility.

How much money should you invest in this figure per year?

In addition, if there were days when many employees are present, you would risk creating queues at the entrance, which could both worry employees and create unsafe situations in terms of health and safety.

With Nibol you save money because you don't need a control officer, you prevent unnecessary queues and you save time.

How does it work?

As mentioned earlier, one of the most essential aspects of Nibol Safe is that the system checks the validity of the employees' Green Pass without retaining any sensitive data.

The app saves the unique Green Passcode on the employee's device and not on Nibol's servers.

The server does not store the QR code and user data but only gives an answer to the app on the validity of the Green Pass or not for the booking date.

The privacy of your employees (and external visitors' too) is always protected and guaranteed.

Some frequently asked questions about Nibol Safe

We gave some of our customers and their employees a preview of Nibol Safe. Here are some of their most frequently asked questions, which you may have too.

"What happens if the Green Pass expires after making the booking but before the booking day?"

Nibol checks the Green Pass both during booking and check-in on the same day. Therefore, in this way, the user who does not have a valid Green Pass cannot check-in.

“Does the Green Pass check also work in non-EU countries (for example, Switzerland and the UK)?

Yes, you can find the updated list of countries where Nibol's green pass control works by clicking HERE.

"Does the Green Pass have to be included in all bookings?"

No, Nibol saves the unique Green Passcode on the employee's device, so as long as the Green Pass is valid, the employee can book whenever they want in a simple, safe and fast way.

Now that you have read about Nibol Safe features and our customers' questions (which we hope have been helpful to you), you have a better idea of ​​our service and why it is a solution you absolutely must invest in.