Create a people-centric office, and optimize its use

Stop wasting resources. Optimize office use and reduce HR effort, while giving a unique employee experience with Nibol.

Bending Spoons

Embrace simplicity with  
modern office management


Value-oriented. Make the most of your spaces, either you want to bring back people into the office, or optimize your spaces for a growing team.


People-centric. Your office are the people. Engage employees with the office and with each other. Free your team from bureaucracy and repetitive tasks.


Book. Connect. Welcome

Simplify desk and room booking

GIve people the easiest way to find their spot and coordinate their schedules.

Get flexibility for your office

Scale office capacity by managing  shared desk and rooms.

Automate  99% of admin tasks

Set it up once and let employees use it by themselves.

Get data analytics to optimize office use

Track attendance and identify ways to optimize space.


The easiest solution for flexible work

Easy to implement

Native integrations with existing tools. No usage limits and maximum flexibility.

Easy to admin

Reduce administrative tasks by up to 99% compared to traditional tools. Complete management autonomy after the first setup

Book desks, spaces and equipment

Easy to use

High adoption rate by employees. All the features you need, without unnecessary complications

Simplicity matters

Don’t take our word for it

"We configured Nibol very quickly and appreciated the ease of adding workspaces and making desks and meeting rooms bookable."

"With Nibol changing the number of bookable desks is easy. This allowed us to  manage the capacity of the offices with maximum flexibility."

"Nibol adoption has been quick and effortless. It is used in full autonomy by all our employees, without training and requests for support."