Nibol Talk with Docebo and Prima Assicurazioni

Everything you ever wanted to know about flexible work management (but never dared to ask). Flexible work arrangements and workspaces are more key than ever for companies that want to sustain strong growth. Find out behind the scenes and tips & tricks from two of the most interesting companies in Italy.


How to combine flexible work and business growth

In this episode of Nibol Talks the guests are representatives from two successful companies, Prima Assicurazioni and Docebo. Prima Assicurazioni is an insurtech company with 26 million clients and over €500 million in premiums collected. They have a mission to leverage technology to offer great customer experiences at competitive prices. Docebo is a cloud-based learning management system used by over 2,000 organizations worldwide.

Both companies have embraced flexible work, with Prima Assicurazioni having a team of over 700 people across Europe and expanding into new markets like the UK and Spain. They have adapted to the changing work environment due to the pandemic and have found ways to maintain flexibility in their operations. Docebo, with 6 global offices and over 700 employees, has also faced challenges in managing flexible work across different locations and cultures.


Key points discussed include the importance of analyzing data to make strategic decisions about flexible work, the need for companies to adapt to the changing work environment, and the role of technology in facilitating flexible work arrangements. Both companies have experienced growth during the pandemic and have had to adapt their onboarding processes, performance measurement systems, and office spaces to accommodate the new normal.

In conclusion, flexible work is here to stay, and companies need to find ways to adapt and maintain a balance between the needs of their employees and the demands of their business.


The easiest solution for the hybrid office

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