Rooms booking

Control your rooms and book them with a click

With Nibol, everyone can see every conference rooms' availability and book the one they like. Calling a meeting will never be the same.

Ready, set, done.

The easiest way to manage your rooms is also the most powerful one.

Map your rooms on Nibol

Connect room from Google Workspace or Microsoft 365.

Choose the one you prefer

Control every room capacity and plan your meetings quicker than ever.

Check-in and start the meeting

Control your rooms using your app.


Get concrete data
on the use of spaces

Nibol can provide you with insightful data on the utilization of your spaces. You can understand if your office has the right dimensions and if you're getting the most out of it.

The smarter the rooms, the smarter the meeting

Nibol simplifies the way meeting rooms are booked, and with the check-in function, if nobody shows up, the space becomes available again.

See which room is available for your meeting

Book it in a few clicks wherever you are

Avoid empty bookings to optimize your spaces


It gets along with everything you already use

Nibol perfectly fits with the most common work management tools, to guarantee the most agile digital ecosystem.


Agility is important, but safety even more

We developed a technology that meets the highest safety standards. We wanted to be sure that you'd be safe.

GDPR Compliant

Expand your flexibility

Combine all Nibol's features to expand your company flexibility and simplify your office management.

Frequently Asked Questions about

Rooms booking

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If I use Nibol as a booking tool for meeting rooms, will the reservation appear on my corporate calendar and on that of the people attending the meeting?
What happens if an employee books a room and then doesn't use it?
Can I integrate the rooms I have on Microsoft or Google on Nibol?
Where can I see the rooms booked?

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