Inside the office

The most agile way
to live your workplace

The power and agility of Nibol let you innovate the way your office is managed and change your working habits.

Imagine a company where you can...


Book every facility
with just one click

Meeting rooms, desks and even the parking spaces are managed by one single service, and you can easily reserve your space from your smartphone. You have all the company in your pocket.


Be more independent in managing your work-life

You don’t have to ask your office manager for everything you need. You can check by yourself if rooms are available, if there’s what you need to run the meeting or if your visitors have arrived.


Hot desking and transform
your routine

Hot desking makes your company a more dynamic and flexible place. Change your desk depending on your daily tasks, sit next to different people every day, and no day will look like the others.


Get your packages
as soon as they arrive

Do you know the feeling of waiting eagerly for an incoming package or a food delivery? It would be a pity to know it’s already inside the building but nobody notified you. Fortunately, Nibol does.


Be more welcoming when receiving guests

Invite visitors to your office and set them free from the bureaucratic procedures at their arrival. You just have to offer them a coffee and make them feel at home.

What if a better organization comes with less effort?

Maintaining a well-organized office is crucial to make a company work. Doing it smart is an opportunity to make that company modern.

Get a complete control
 on your office

Save time you spend on
boring procedures

Make your employees in the best condition for working

The best way to manage your office

A complete new way of living your company spaces is waiting for you. Discover every Nibol feature and see how it will change your working life.

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