Outside the office

Doing your job is better than going to work

Nibol lets you work from wherever you like and helps you get the flexible working life you’ve always dreamt of.

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Work from anywhere

Imagine a company where you can...

Choose from thousands
of workplaces

Get the office you want every day. With Nibol you can choose your ideal workplace based on the position in which you prefer to be, the services you need or the number of people you have to work with.

Pay the services with a company credit card

Using the Nibol company profile, you get the possibility to work remotely from organized workplaces, but always booking and paying the location with a single account and a company’s credit card.

Work in a stimulating and lively environment

With Nibol you enter into a community of freelancers, startups and companies. Working from a Nibol workspace means working next to them, expanding your network and creating new opportunities.

Keep in touch with the people you meet

Meet interesting people and make sure they get your contact. Using your app you can set your business card, connect it to your LinkedIn profile, and share it with everyone inside the community.

Work from the most amazing workspaces

With Nibol you get the possibility of booking instantly the location you need. Download the app and make every working day different from the other.

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