Terms and conditions of Nibol

5. Access and use of the Nibol Platform

5.1 To access and use the Nibol Platform it is necessary to be over 18 (eighteen) years of age or to be an organization, company or other legal person duly constituted , validly existing and in good standing under the laws of the country of incorporation and possess the legal capacity necessary to enter into legally binding contracts.

5.2 Any use of the Nibol Platform by minors presupposes and implies the authorization and supervision of the parents or of those who exercise their authority or protection, who will therefore assume all responsibility for the actions of the minor towards Nibol and third parties involved in any capacity.

5.3 Users are required to scrupulously comply with the provisions of Nibol and the relative operating instructions when using the Nibol Platform. Failing this, Nibol will have the right to terminate the Contract pursuant to art. 24) which follows.

6. How to conclude the contract with Users

6.1 Users who intend to access and join the Nibol Platform are required to carefully read the Conditions, save them or print them for future consultation.

6.2 All Users are required to sign these Conditions. The signing of these Conditions is valid as a request to join the Nibol Platform, Nibol reserving the right to accept or reject, at its absolute discretion, this request. The Agreement will be effective only after Nibol has sent the confirmation of acceptance of the membership request by e-mail.

6.3 The possible acceptance by Nibol of the membership request made by a User pursuant to this art. 6) does not constitute any guarantee and / or certification with respect to the User, including his conduct, his identity or about the fact that the User is reliable, safe or adequate.

6.4 The use of the Nibol Platform and the related Services by the User is subject to full compliance with the Conditions and / or any other notes, legal notices, information published or referred to on the Nibol Platform itself.

7. Registration - Suspension - Account cancellation and closure

7.1 To take advantage of the functions of the Nibol Platform, except in the case of Guest Users, it is necessary to create an account and register on that platform by providing the data requested in the relevant form and accepting the Privacy Policy and these Conditions in accordance with the provisions of Articles 4) and 6) above. You can create an account using: (i) an email address and password, or (ii) an account registered on third party social networks, such as, for example, Facebook or Google (“SNS Account”).

7.2 The User guarantees that all the data provided during the registration procedure are and always will be true, accurate and complete and undertakes to keep them always updated, relieving Nibol from any claim and / or damage that may arise from the violation of this clause 7.2) .

7.3 The User has the responsibility to keep and keep confidential their access credentials which are intended as personal and must be used exclusively by the User. The User undertakes to keep them secret and to ensure that no third parties have access to them and to immediately inform Nibol in the event that he suspects or becomes aware of their misuse or undue disclosure.

7.4 In the event of the creation of a Business Account, the User-natural person who makes the registration declares and guarantees that he has the authority to legally bind the legal entity on behalf of which he acts and to grant Nibol all the authorizations and licenses provided from these Conditions.

7.5 It is forbidden to create multiple accounts for a single User and it is forbidden to assign or transfer your account.

7.6 Each User is the only person responsible for the activities carried out by him within his account, unless such activities have been carried out without the User's authorization.

7.7 In case of violation of one or more of the provisions of these Conditions, including the avoidance of the payment of the Nibol Fees, and / or of the applicable legal provisions and / or of the obligations assumed towards other Users, or in case of complaints or negative evaluations by other Users or, in any case, in the event of repeated Reservations not accepted and / or canceled without justified reason and / or which may undermine Nibol's reputation, Nibol reserves the right to suspend or close and cancel the User's account at any time and without notice, without prejudice to the right to terminate the Agreement pursuant to and by effect of art. 24), which follows.

7.8 In the event of a violation of applicable laws, regulations, third party rights, contractual obligations and / or Nibol instructions on the operation of the Nibol Platform, or in the event of complaints or negative evaluations, Nibol may suspend the User's account, at any time and without notice, for a maximum period of 120 days. The suspension will be communicated by e-mail and is preordained for the identification and resolution of the problems that caused it. The suspension will cease when, at Nibol's unquestionable judgment, such problems can be considered resolved. In the absence of a solution to the problem that has arisen, Nibol will have the right to terminate the Agreement.

7.9 During the suspension, the User will not be able to use the Services and, in this regard, expressly declares and guarantees that it will in no way hold Nibol responsible for any damage that may arise to the User following the suspension of the account and that, as a result, it will not take any action (not even for damages) against Nibol, which it has renounced as of now.

7.10 The User expressly declares and warrants that:

(i) it will not hold Nibol, in any way, liable for any damages, including lost earnings, out-of-pocket expenses, loss of profit, emerging damage, loss of chance, which may arise for the User suspension and / or closure and cancellation of the account and that, consequently, will not proceed, in any way, to request such damages, renouncing from now on any related action;

(ii) will hold Nibol harmless and harmless from any claim and / or damage, including any sanctions by the competent authorities, that Nibol may suffer as a result of the non-fulfillment of contracts concluded with other Users.

7.11 The User can cease to use the Services at any time and deactivate his account or request cancellation through the interface of the Website and / or App, where provided, or by sending a written communication to the e-mail address ciao @ nibol.co.