Terms and conditions of Nibol

8. Announcements and related publication

8.1 Manager Users and Business Users are solely responsible for their Announcements and their respective Spaces and undertake to publish Announcements that comply with these Conditions, in particular, but not limited to , with respect to its contents.

8.2 Nibol, on the basis of a recommendation from a Basic User or a Guest User, may, at its sole discretion, publish Promoted Visible Local Ads. In any case, Nibol does not offer any guarantee regarding the contents of said Promoted Visible Local Ads and, consequently, cannot be held responsible in any way with respect to the contents of such ads. Basic Users and Guest Users are solely responsible for the information provided to Nibol in relation to a Promoted Visible Venue.

8.4 It is expressly forbidden, unless explicitly authorized by Nibol: (i) the use of automatic systems for loading Ads, except those expressly authorized and (ii) the serial publication and / or management of Ads on behalf of third parties by any means or modality .

9. Space Reservation

9.1 Manager Space Reservation

9.1.1 The Announcement Manager is valid as a contractual proposal. Each time a Basic User makes a Reservation of a Manager Space by confirming the offer made through an Announcement Manager, the Basic User enters into a contract directly with the Manager User ("Agreement"), with respect to which Nibol is unrelated.

9.1.2 Where the Announcement Manager expressly provides that the Booking is subject to confirmation and / or acceptance by the Manager User, the Agreement is concluded with the Basic User receiving the Manager User acceptance of the requested Reservation. It is understood that the confirmation and / or acceptance by the Manager User is at the sole discretion of the latter.

9.1.3 In any case, the User Manager is and remains solely and exclusively responsible for the conclusion and execution of the Agreement, remaining Nibol a foreign subject and exonerated from any liability arising from the conclusion, termination and / or execution or from the non-execution of the Agreement.

9.1.4 If the Basic User makes the Reservation for additional guests, said Basic User is required to ensure that each additional guest meets the requirements established by the User Manager and is made aware of, and accepts, these Conditions and all terms, conditions, rules and restrictions established by the User Manager, also through the Agreement. If the additional guest is a minor, the Basic User represents and warrants that he is legally authorized to act on behalf of the minor. In any case, minors are admitted to the Spaces only if accompanied by an adult who assumes responsibility for them.

9.2 Booking of Company Spaces

9.2.1 The Employee User can book a Company Space, subject of a Business Announcement, by following the relative booking process.

9.2.2 The Booking of the Employee User is subject to confirmation and / or acceptance by the Business User, who, for technical and organizational reasons, may reserve the right to accept or not the Booking request of the Employee User.

9.2.3 In any case, Nibol is unrelated to the employment relationship between the Business User and the Employee User and is, Nibol, exempt from any liability inherent in and / or deriving from said relationship and / or from the Booking.

9.3 Common provisions

9.3.1 In respect of the Reservation or in the cases referred to in par. 9.1.2. and 9.2.2. upon confirmation and / or acceptance of the same, the Basic User and / or the Employee User acquires the right to access, occupy and use, even if not continuously, the Space for the period of time indicated at the time of Booking ( "Duration of Reservation") and for the purposes indicated in these Conditions. For the Duration of the Reservation, the Manager User and / or the Business User retains the right to access the Space, within the limits permitted by applicable law and in accordance with the provisions of the Agreement.

9.3.2 Once the Reservation has been made or received, where applicable, its acceptance by the Advertiser, the User will receive a confirmation of the Reservation via email or by viewing a confirmation web page, in which the details of the Reservation will be reported such as, among others, the date of the Reservation, the Duration of the Reservation, the User's data, the description of the Space and, where applicable, the Reservation Fee and, where applicable, the related Credit o indication of the Pay in-store option.

9.3.3 The User who has made the Booking undertakes to leave the Space no later than the check-out time indicated at the time of Booking, unless otherwise agreed with the Advertiser. Without the consent of the Advertiser, the User is not authorized to remain in the Space beyond the Duration of the Reservation ("Stay beyond the term") and the Advertiser will have the right to have the User leave the Space in accordance with applicable law.

10. Changes and cancellations of Reservations - Refunds

10.1 Changes and cancellations

10.1.1 The Basic User and the Employee User can modify or cancel a Reservation at any time by accessing the Nibol Platform and following the appropriate procedure. If the modification and / or cancellation are no longer possible as they are requested close to the start time of the Booking, a specific message will be displayed to the User, without prejudice to the provisions on refunds provided for in the following clause 10.2).

10.1.2 In certain circumstances, Nibol may cancel a Reservation request or a Reservation on behalf of a User. In this case, Nibol will send a notification message to the concerned Users providing the reasons behind said measure, unless the notification message is such as to: (i) prevent or hinder the detection or prevention of fraud or other activities illicit; (ii) damage the legitimate interests of other Users or third parties; or (iii) violate applicable legal provisions.

10.2 Refunds

10.2.1 In case of cancellation of the Reservation of a Manager Space, Nibol will refund the Reservation Fee only under the following conditions:

(i) in case of Reservation of a Shared Space or Co-Working, the Basic User will be entitled to receive a refund equal to 100% of the Booking Fee, if the cancellation is made within 30 minutes from the start time of the Booking;

(ii) in the event of a Reservation of a Private Space, the Basic User will be entitled to receive a refund equal to 100% of the Reservation Fee, if the cancellation occurs within 4 hours from the starting time of the Reservation.