Terms and conditions of Nibol

11. Booking-Credits and Pay in-store Fee

11.1 Without prejudice to the provisions of art. 15) below, each Announcement Manager contains the indication:

(i) of the Reservation Fee as regards the Co-Working and Private Spaces;

(ii) the Booking Fee and the related Credit, or the “Pay in-store” option as regards the Shared Spaces.

11.2 The choice between applying the Booking Fee with the connected Credit or the “Pay in-store” option, in the case of Shared Spaces, is at the sole discretion of the Manager User.

11.3 The Booking Fee must be intended per person and subject to validity or expiration as indicated in the Announcement Manager, if applicable.

11.4 Except for the provisions of clauses 11.5) and 11.6) below, each User agrees to pay the Booking Fee in connection with their account registered on the Nibol Platform.

11.5 In the event of a Reservation of a Company Space, said Reservation will not be subject to any Reservation Fee, as the Reservation of Company Space is one of the functions included in the Business Packages subject to Subscription, according to the provisions of art. 15), which follows.

11.6 In case of activation by the Business User of the booking functionality by the Employee Users of Spazi Manager, the Booking of the Employee User will be subject to the Booking Fee and the provisions of this article will therefore apply, as well as the provisions referred to in the following art. 12), where applicable. Payment of the Booking Fee will be made using the payment method indicated by the Business User at the time of activating this service.

12. Payment of the Booking Fee and Invoicing

12.1 The Basic Users are solely responsible for their obligations regarding the payment of the Booking Fee and undertake to pay the relative amounts in the times and methods indicated on the Nibol Platform and to communicate all the necessary data. possibly required.

12.2 Payment is made directly through the Nibol Platform. In this regard, Nibol uses third-party tools for payment processing and, therefore, cannot be held responsible in any way for the consequences, direct or indirect, deriving from the use of the credit card and / or any other payment method by part of the User to make the payment. Should such third party instruments deny the authorization to pay, Nibol will not be able to process the Booking request and cannot be held responsible in any way for the direct or indirect consequences that may arise from it.

12.3 In any case, the Manager User acknowledges that the payment made by a User through the Nibol Platform will be considered in the same way as the payment of the Booking Fee made directly to the User Manager and undertakes to provide the services purchased by the User in the manner agreed as if it had received the payment directly from the User. Each Manager User is aware that Nibol's payment obligation towards him is subject and subject to Nibol's actual receipt of the corresponding payments from the User. Nibol guarantees payments to Manager Users only to the extent of the amounts that have actually been paid to it by Nibol Users. By accepting the role of agent for the mere collection of payments on behalf of a Manager User, Nibol assumes no responsibility for the actions or omissions of the Manager User.

12.4 The Basic User who wishes to receive an invoice will be asked for billing information before payment. For the issuance of the invoice, the information provided by the User, which he declares and guarantees to be truthful, will prevail, releasing to Nibol the widest indemnity in this regard. Once the invoice has been issued and sent to Nibol's electronic invoicing system, it cannot be changed except by issuing an electronic variation note. If it is necessary to issue an electronic variation note and, if applicable, a new invoice due to the inaccuracy of the billing data provided by the User, Nibol will charge the User a fee as consideration for the cost of error handling.