Terms and conditions of Nibol

1. Purpose and nature of the Platform and Services - Scope of the Conditions

1.1 The Nibol Platform is an online platform that allows Users interested in making available and / or booking and use Spaces exclusively for study and / or work purposes. In particular, the Nibol Platform allows:

(i) Manager Users to offer, promote, advertise and make their Manager Spaces available, through the publication of Manager Ads;

(ii) Business Users to manage and book Company Spaces, making them available to their Employee Users through the publication of Business Announcements, and to use the Contact Tracing option;

(iii) Guest Users to discover, search and compare Ads Manager and report possible Local Promoted Visible;

(iv) Basic Users and Employees to make Reservations and Basic Users also to report possible Promoted Visible Locales;

(v) Users to communicate and negotiate directly with Manager and Business Users the terms and conditions for the use of the Spaces, including the Company Spaces.

1.2 The Services, in particular, differ according to the type of User, as indicated in the following paragraphs:

(i) Services for Guests Users

The Guests Users can:

a) browse the Nibol Platform;

b) view the Manager Spaces and related information;

c) check the availability and costs of the Manager Spaces;

d) suggesting new spaces to Nibol to be promoted on the Nibol Platform as potential new Spaces Managers (“Promoted Visible Premises”).

(ii) Services for Basic Users

The Basic Users, in addition to being able to use the services intended for Guest Users, can, among others:

a) make a Reservation;

b) save your favorite Spaces Manager;

c) see the Users who book the Manager Spaces (if the option has been activated);

d) suggest Promoted Visible premises to Nibol;

e) create and publish, on the Nibol Platform, a personal web page accessible from a dedicated website.

(iii) Services for Manager Users

The Manager Users, through the Manager Platform, can, among others:

a) manage and make available to other Users Manager Spaces;

b) publish Manager Advertisements; communicate and negotiate the reservation of Manager Spaces directly with other Users.

(iv) Services for Business Users

The Business Users, through the Business Platform that they manage on behalf of a company, organization or other legal entity, can, among others:

a) invite their employees to register on the Nibol Platform in quality of Employee Users;

b) manage and make Company Spaces available to Employee Users, through the publication of Business Announcements;

c) set up company and billing information;

d) deactivate the accounts of Employee Users;

e) take advantage of the Contact Tracing functions.

(v) Services for Employee Users

Following the invitation to connect to the Nibol Platform sent by the relevant Business User, through Nibol, the Employee User can, among others, view and book Company Spaces and, after activation by the Business User, of the related functionality, can also view and book Spazi Manager.

1.3 Each User can join, simultaneously, one or more categories of Users and, at any time, change the type of user to which they belong. For more information on the types of Users and related Services, consult the following section of the Website / App.

1.4 As the operator of the Nibol Platform, Nibol does not own, create, sell, resell, make available, control, manage, offer, rent or supply the Spaces and related Ads.

1.5 These Conditions, therefore, exclusively govern the Services, as defined, and Nibol is, and always remains, extraneous to the relationships between Users.

2. Obligations and rights of Nibol

2.1 Nibol undertakes to provide Users with access to the Nibol Platform and any other related applications.

2.2 Nibol undertakes to keep the Nibol Platform up-to-date and functioning at all times, except for necessary breaks due to maintenance or updating or for any other technical reason. Maintenance operations that may prevent connection to the Nibol Platform will be promptly communicated by Nibol, except in the case where interventions are necessary which, due to their particular urgency, do not allow the aforementioned notice to be given.

2.3 In its capacity as technical-operational manager, Nibol reserves the right to modify, suspend or interrupt, at any time, the operation of the Nibol Platform and / or of all or part of the Services and related functions, giving them, where possible , adequate notice to Users.

2.4 Nibol also reserves the right to modify and / or redesign, at its sole discretion, at any time even after the User's registration, all or part of the Nibol Platform, including the Contents, their organization, the graphic interface, as well as the format, layout, fonts and any other element (technical, graphic, etc.), as well as to improve and optimize the use of the Services, including by introducing new ones. Nibol will provide notice to Users of any changes to the Nibol Platform, unless such changes do not have any significant effect on the contractual obligations of the Parties.

3. Contents and Industrial Property Rights

3.1 Contents and industrial property rights relating to the Nibol Platform

3.1.1 All Contents on the Nibol Platform, including trademarks and distinctive signs, commercial names, images, logos, as well as the graphic interface and organization of the Nibol Platform itself and any other Content relating to the Nibol Platform, are owned by Nibol or by third parties from which Nibol has licensed the Content, and are protected by applicable laws on industrial and intellectual property rights and other read. Nibol reserves all rights not expressly illustrated in these Conditions.

3.1.2 By accessing, or using, the Nibol Platform, the User will not acquire any license or ownership rights in the Contents, including trademarks, trade names, logos or other industrial and intellectual property rights, except as stated in expected follow-up. All Content must be considered for personal, non-commercial use.

3.1.3 Without prejudice to the User's compliance with the Conditions and all applicable legal provisions, Nibol grants Users a limited, personal, revocable, non-exclusive, non-sub-licensable and non-transferable license to: (i) download and use the App and the Nibol Platform on your personal device; and (ii) access and view the Contents of the Nibol Platform, exclusively for the purpose for which they are intended and only for as long as such Content is normally made available to the public by Nibol. Nibol reserves the right to monitor the use that the User makes of the Contents and to modify or revoke the license granted at any time and for any reason, also prohibiting any further access to the Contents.

3.1.4 Nibol's consent to use the Content relating to the Nibol Platform does not constitute a waiver of any of Nibol's rights in the Content.

3.1.5 Outside of the specific use rights granted by Nibol in relation to the Nibol Platform, the User agrees not to use, copy, edit, translate, display, distribute, download, transmit, sell, create derivative works of or otherwise exploit the Content, including User Content (unless it is Content legally posted by the User), without the prior written consent of Nibol.

3.1.6 Unauthorized use of the Contents may constitute a violation of copyright, trademark or other intellectual property laws and may result in criminal or civil charges and penalties for the User.

3.2 Content published by Users and related industrial property rights

3.2.1 Through the Nibol Platform, the User can create, upload, publish, send and receive Content, including Ads and Ratings ("User Content"). User Content is owned by the User or whoever created it. However, with the publication, the User Content is licensed to Nibol as indicated in clause 3.2.2) below.

3.2.2 The User grants Nibol a non-exclusive, non-revocable, royalty-free, perpetual, sub-licensable, transferable and globally valid license on any User Content (including images of persons appearing in such content , or any concept or idea contained therein) published, in any way and form, on the Nibol Platform or related to the Nibol Platform. Nibol may therefore, directly or through third parties, use, use, store, copy, modify, extract, create derivative works, distribute, publish, transmit, encode, host, index, stream, publicly perform, disseminate and exploit, in any form, the User Content for any purpose, including for commercial use, including the purpose of providing and / or promoting the Nibol Platform in any way and on any medium and platform, known or unknown at the time of use and in particularly on the Internet and social networks, within the limits set by the Information Nibol Privacy. User Content will not be returned and Nibol will not be liable to Users for the loss, modification or destruction of the content transmitted.

3.2.3 The User undertakes not to share through the Nibol Platform any Content that: (i) is fraudulent, false, misleading (directly or by omission or failure to update the information) or misleading; (ii) is defamatory, libelous, obscene, pornographic, vulgar or offensive; (iii) promotes discrimination, intolerance, racism, hatred, harassment or harm to groups or individuals; (iv) is violent or threatening or promotes violence or actions that are threatening to people or animals; or (v) promotes illegal or harmful activities or substances; or (vi) that it is, for any reason whatsoever, illegal.

3.2.4 Nibol does not moderate User Content through the Nibol Platform and reserves the right to remove User Content at any time in its sole discretion. Deleted User Content may remain in Nibol's systems and on the Nibol Platform to the extent that the User Content has been made public or shared with others who have not deleted it, unless the User or data subject does not request the deletion or blocking of personal data in accordance with applicable law.

3.2.5 The User is fully and exclusively responsible for the use of the Nibol Platform with regard, among others, to the functions of publication, consultation, management and use of the User Content, the functions of contact with other Users, as well as with respect to the information provided to Nibol in relation to a Promoted Visible Venue, and is, therefore, the only guarantor and responsible for the correctness, completeness and lawfulness of said contents and of its own behavior.

3.2.6 In the event of any dispute by third parties regarding the User Content and / or the conduct of the User through the Nibol Platform, the User assumes full responsibility and undertakes to hold Nibol harmless and harmless. from any damage, loss or expense and / or claim that may arise in this regard and / or from the violation of the provisions of this clause 3). In any case, Nibol reserves the right to modify and / or remove User Content, including those published through Evaluations and, in general, on the Public Profile, as defined below.

3.3 Public Profile - Evaluations

3.3.1 The User can publish on the Nibol Platform (and consequently also share with colleagues and customers external to the Nibol Platform) his own public profile, creating a personal and unique link including his username (https://nibol.co/me/username) ("Public Profile"). The User is solely responsible for the User Content published on the Public Profile.

3.3.2 The User explicitly authorizes Nibol to publish the Evaluations on the Nibol Platform, which express only the opinions of the Users and not the opinion of Nibol.

3.3.3 Users undertake to publish accurate, truthful and complete Evaluations. Nibol does not verify the contents and assumes no responsibility in relation to the same and the effects caused by the publication of these Evaluations.

3.4 Advertising on the Nibol Platform and links to third party websites

3.4.1 Nibol reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to place on the Nibol Platform advertisements compatible with the activity carried out that are in compliance with the obligations set out in the Contract .

3.4.2 The Nibol Platform may also contain links to third party websites or resources ("Third Party Services"). Such Third Party Services may be subject to different terms and conditions and different data protection practices. Nibol is not responsible for the availability or accuracy of such Third Party Services or for the content, products or services available through such Third Party Services. Links to such Third Party Services do not constitute an endorsement by Nibol of such services.

4. Privacy

4.1 In relation to the processing of personal data carried out by Nibol through the Nibol Platform, please refer to the provisions of Privacy Policy which is an integral part of these Conditions.

4.2 With regard to the processing of Users' personal data carried out by other Users (for example by Manager or Business Users), it is the sole responsibility of the latter Users to process personal data in accordance with the applicable legislation on the processing of personal data ("Privacy Law") And provide the Users-interested with all the information relating to the processing, in accordance with the provisions of the applicable legislation.

4.3 Users who process personal data undertake to indemnify Nibol from any claim and / or damage, including any sanctions by the competent authorities, which may arise in the event that the data processing carried out by said Users and / or their delegates / responsible does not comply with the Privacy Law.