Terms and conditions of Nibol

18. Obligations and duties of Basic users and Dependent Users

18.1 The Basic User and the Dependent User, respectively, undertake to:

(i) reserve the Spaces only against an actual intention to use these Spaces personally and for the purposes permitted by these Conditions;

(ii) use the Spaces in full compliance with these Conditions, the applicable legal provisions and as may be required by the Agreement;

(iii) not to contact other Users for purposes unrelated to the Services, such as, by way of example, to invite or otherwise solicit other Users to use third party services, applications or websites;

(iv) not to cause damage to the Spaces and / or to goods and / or people present at the Spaces.

18.2 With regard to the Spaces, in particular, the Basic User and the Dependent User, respectively, undertake, in particular, to leave the Space (including movable property) in the conditions in which it was at the arrival of the User and declare and acknowledge that they are solely responsible for their own acts and omissions and for any acts and omissions of third parties invited by them.

18.3 Furthermore, the Basic User undertakes to:

(i) not request and make any Booking independently of the Nibol Platform;

(ii) not to request, accept or make payments of the Booking Fee outside the Nibol Platform. In such case, the Basic User: (a) accepts all risks and liabilities associated with such payment; and (b) undertakes to hold Nibol harmless from any liability in connection with such payment.

18.4 In any case, the Basic User and the Dependent User undertake to indemnify and hold harmless Nibol from any claim and / or damage, including any sanctions by the competent authorities, which may derive from the breach of the above obligations.