Everything you need to set up your flexible workplace

Nibol is a full-featured and easy-to-use solution for hybrid work. All features are included, with no limits.

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Hybrid workplace management dashboard

What you can do with Nibol

Everything you need to run a people-centric workplace. Desk booking, meeting room scheduling, finding colleagues, inviting guests, receiving deliveries - everything will be fast and easy. Working at the office or remotely has never been easier.

Book desks, spaces and equipment
Book desks, spaces and equipment

Employees can book desks, spaces, and equipment. At the office and anywhere remote.

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Connect coworkers and foster engagement
Connect coworkers and foster engagement

Employees can find colleagues, view their work location for the week, and access additional information.

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Welcome guests
Receive deliveries
Welcome guests and receive deliveries

Employees can easily invite guests on-site and receive deliveries without them piling-up at the reception.

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Intuitive employee experience meets admin-friendly tools

Make life easier for everyone in your workplace. Employees and admins.

Setup quickly

Get started in minutes, not days. Upload the floor plan, add or sync people, mark bookable items and edit seating assignments. Done.

Web and mobile apps

Employees can do anything instantly and on-the-go, in just a few gestures. Nothing is hardware dependent, even room displays, so you will never be stuck in a vendor lock-in.

Clutter free

Nibol offers a streamlined user experience, so everyone can focus on what really matters. There's no better way to understand it than by trying it yourself.

Integrate with tools already in use

Nibol comes with a growing list of native integrations, including Active Directory, SSO, calendar systems, and messaging apps. The Nibol API is available for custom implementations.

Everything included and unlimited

You need flexibility, we don’t put limitations. Our subscription plans have no cap on the number of users and come with unlimited desks, rooms, floors, buildings... anything.

Workplace analytics

Export CSV files or access the dashboard with real-time and historical data. Gain insight into space use and people attendance to optimize real estate costs or improve people management.

Hybrid workplace management and work from anywhere mobile app

Mobile experience

Nibol is a cloud-based office management solution, best suited for hybrid work. It's always accessible, no matter where you are.


Web app. Access Nibol with a browser, whatever device you are using.


Mobile native. Give your employees the best-in-class mobile experience with fully-featured native iOS and Android apps.

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Seamless integrations

A growing list of ready-to-use integrations with the tools already in use at your organisation.

Google Calendar
Google Sign-In
Microsoft Azure AD

Meeting rooms display

A sleek meeting room display software, running on the standard hardware you choose.


Status visibility. Clearly display the availability and upcoming schedule of on-site rooms.


Convenient. Book or release a room directly at the door in just a few taps.


No limits. The meeting room tablet app is included in our Pro subscription plan, with no limit on the number of rooms it can be used for.

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Hybrid office management dashboard

Unified admin center


Optimize office space and work model. Enable data-driven decisions with historical and real-time data on attendance and workplace usage.


Simplify cost control and invoicing. Manage office and remote working together. Get a single monthly invoice for the use of on-demand working spaces around the globe made by your employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Create a flexible workplace your employees will love

Schedule a 15 minute demo with one of our experts, you’ll discover every feature and see how Nibol can foster your workplace flexibility and team engagement.