ROOM booking

Meeting room scheduling

Give employees the ability to easily book and use office meeting rooms. Monitor everything easily and centrally.

Turn any space into a bookable meeting room

Employees can effortlessly locate and reserve available spaces, whether in advance or on the spot. There is no need to search for a free meeting room or worry about capacity, allocations, or overlapping meetings.

The platform also enables you to track actual meeting room usage, facilitating data-driven decisions to optimize space.

Meeting room scheduling

How it works


Employees can view the meeting rooms on the interactive map, filter them by the number of seats and their amenities.


Any available room can be booked in seconds, in advance or on the spot.


You can ask to check in to confirm meeting room occupancy. If this is not done, the room will automatically become available.

Real time

More visibility, no confusion

Availability is synchronized in real time everywhere, preventing multiple reservations for the same meeting room.

Meeting room booking

Book from anywhere

Employees can book a meeting ahead of time or on the fly, from anywhere. Room availability is always up-to-date in real-time.


Meeting room display

Employees can see the room availability and - in just a few taps - book or release the room directly at the door.

Space capacity and amenities

Rooms can be found based on the number of seats and the amenities needed for the meeting (e.g., whiteboard, projector, etc.).


Easy check-in

Require employees to check-in. If no one checks in, the room is released and the meeting is cancelled.

2-way sync with calendars

Book or release a meeting room using the Nibol app, Google Calendar, Outlook, or the display by the door.

Color-coded availability

Room availability is displayed with green, yellow, and red status, clearly visible on the room displays by the door.


Meeting room analytics

Nibol offers a comprehensive dataset on meeting room usage.

Meeting room analytics


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