The easiest way to manage your rooms is also the most powerful one.

Easy to find

It takes only a few taps to find and book a free room that meets your needs. No more guesswork when it comes to capacity or amenities.

Real-time availability

The status of the rooms is synced everywhere in real-time: Nibol app, calendars, and displays by the door.

No wasted space

With the check-in function, if nobody shows up, the space becomes instantly available again.


Mobile experience

Nibol is a cloud-based office management solution, best suited for hybrid work. It's always accessible, no matter where you are.


Web app. Access Nibol with a browser, whatever device you are using.


Mobile native. Give your employees the best-in-class mobile experience with fully-featured native iOS and Android apps.

App StoreGoogle Play

Connect to your calendars

Reserve a room for your meeting using the tools you are already using. Everything is synched and updated in real-time.

Google Calendar

Meeting rooms display

A sleek meeting room display software, running on the standard hardware you choose.


Status visibility. Clearly display the availability and upcoming schedule of on-site rooms.


Convenient. Book or release a room directly at the door in just a few taps.


No limits. The meeting room tablet app is included in our Pro subscription plan, with no limit on the number of rooms it can be used for.

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Find and book rooms

Superpower your meeting rooms and shared spaces with a simple, cost-effective solution

Book from anywhere

Employees can book a meeting ahead of time or on the fly, anywhere. Room availability is always up-to-date in real-time.

Color-coded availability

Room availability is displayed with green, yellow, and red status, clearly visible on the in-app floor plan and on the room displays by the door.

Space amenities

Rooms can be found based on the number of seats and the amenities needed for the meeting (e.g., whiteboard, projector, etc.).

Easy check-in and end of meeting

Prompt employees to check-in with a single tap, then free up space for others by ending the meeting. If no one checks in, the room is released and the meeting is cancelled.

2-way sync with calendars

Book or release a meeting room using the Nibol app, Google Calendar, Outlook, or the display by the door. Everything is synchronized and updated in real-time. Just use what you're already using.

Everything unlimited

There are no limits on the number of rooms, displays, floors, or buildings you can manage.


Office, home,
co-working spaces

Extend your inside-the-office desk and room booking system to include hundreds of co-working spaces and other on-demand venues.

don’t take our word for it

What our customers say

We configured Nibol very quickly and appreciated the ease of adding a workspace and making desks and meeting rooms bookable. In this way, we made the offices available in our stores throughout Italy accessible to all collaborators.

It is essential that the app is easy to use, allowing on-the-go bookings in a few seconds.

Vanni Luongo,

Vanni Luongo

Facility Manager

We chose Nibol when we switched to hot desking. People can book desks within the spaces assigned to their team and see who is coming to the office with maximum simplicity. In addition, increasing or decreasing the number of bookable stations is desks easy.

This has allowed us to easily manage the capacity of the offices and the related overcrowding with maximum flexibility.

Francesca Galli, Musixmatch

Francesca Galli

Talent Acquisition and People Operations Manager

In IT, choosing software for the end user responds to specific parameters. It must be: intuitive, fast, reliable and accessible to everyone.

Nibol is exactly what we were looking for, the best feedback we get from users is to see how the platform is used, in full autonomy, without requests for support. This helps us understand that we made the right choice.

Massimo Rocco, Altroconsumo

Massimo Rocco

Team Coordinator Helpdesk

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