Desk booking

Booking shared desks and company resources

Give your employees the ability to reserve workstations and shared company resources such as parking, vehicles, and equipment with the click of a button. Everything can be easily managed centrally.

The best way to use the office

Employees can easily view open desks and other available resources and book them on the fly or in advance, knowing where and when colleagues are working.

The platform's data allows for monitoring of attendance and occupancy rates, enabling decisions to be made regarding office downsizing, space optimization, and changes in work patterns.

Desk booking

How it works

Find and book

Employees can use the interactive map to view available desks and resources and book them as needed.


You can require employees to check in to confirm desk occupancy. The function can be enabled based on geolocation.

"Where i work" status

Employees can easily coordinate and collaborate with colleagues by knowing where they are working in real time and in advance.


Supports all work modes

Hot desking

Hot desking

Let employees choose each time where they sit.

Desk hoteling

Desk hoteling

Allow employees to schedule a desk reservation for multiple days or weeks.

Dedicated zones

Restricted zones

Spaces can be organised by zones and associated with different groups of employees.

Assigned desk

Assigned desks

Assign seats to employees who need a permanent desk.

At a glance

Interactive maps

On the office floorplan  employees can see at a glance:

  • Available seats and the colleagues occupying those reserved, at the time and on subsequent days.
  • Meeting rooms and phone booths taken up or available.
  • All company resources available for booking.
Personalized workstations

Custom amenitites

Give employees the ability to find the desks that best suit their needs. Admins have infinite options to customize amenities, for example:

  • External monitor and keyboard.
  • Desktop workstation.
  • Adjustable desk.
  • Pet-friendly spot.
At hand

Shared resources

Beyond desks and meeting rooms, you can make any other company resource bookable by your employees. This can be managed in an organized, centralized way. Shared resources are freely configurable and may include:

  • Parking spaces
  • Company vehicles (cars, bikes, scooters)
  • Charging stations
  • Canteen spots
  • Lockers
  • Any shareable equipment

Booking analytics

Nibol offers a real-time and historical data set on desk bookings, check-ins, cancellations, space utilization and more.

Desk booking data analytics


Why using a desk booking software?

What is hot desking?

What is desk hoteling?

Can desks be booked on behalf of others?

The complete solution for managing hybrid work

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