Enable freedom to work easily from anywhere

Teams of any size can use Nibol to work or have meetings wherever is most convenient for them: the office, home, co-working spaces and other on-demand venues.

Make your hybrid workplace a success


Enable work flexibility


Save on office cost


Foster engagement & team collaboration


Attract and retain talents


Simplify HR and office management activities


Enable data-driven decision making


What you can do with Nibol

Everything you need to run a people-centric workplace. Desk booking, meeting room scheduling, finding colleagues, inviting guests, receiving deliveries - everything will be fast and easy. Working at the office or remotely has never been easier.

Book desks, spaces and equipment
Book desks, spaces and equipment

Employees can book desks, spaces, and equipment. At the office and anywhere remote.

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Connect coworkers and foster engagement
Connect coworkers and foster engagement

Employees can find colleagues, view their work location for the week, and access additional information.

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Welcome guests
Receive deliveries
Welcome guests and receive deliveries

Employees can easily invite guests on-site and receive deliveries without them piling-up at the reception.

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Office, home,
co-working spaces

Extend your inside-the-office desk and room booking system to include hundreds of co-working spaces and other on-demand venues.

Problem solved

Combine the best of
office and remote work

Make hybrid working work

Make it easy for people to work where-and with whom-they do their best work. Communicating from where you work, reserving office locations and meeting rooms, inviting visitors: everything is just a click away.

Reduce HR work

Forget excel sheets and hours of manual labor. After the initial setup, employees will manage all bookings independently. Nibol has a high adoption rate: managing attendance  will no longer be a cost.

Encourage office use

Who’s in tomorrow? Let employees know who will be working where each day. Encourage teams to meet in person at the office.

Make your office more flexible

Scale your office capacity by managing the number of shared desks or extending it to hundreds of co-working spaces. Quickly adapt as headcount changes and/or save on rent costs.

Optimise office usage and work model

Know in advance how many people plan to come each day and plan accordingly. Get historical data to track attendance and identify ways to optimize space or improve people management.


Nibol meets the highest standards of security, privacy and legal compliance. The solution is GDPR compliant and data is stored exclusively in the European Union. Also, a dedicated Customer Success Manager will always be by your side.

Streamline organiZation

Smarter workplace management

Setup quickly

Get started in minutes, not days. Upload the floor plan, add or sync people, mark bookable items and edit seating assignments. Done.

Have dedicated admin onboarding and support

We care about you, personally. A dedicated customer success manager will always be by your side.

Integrate with tools already in use

Nibol has a growing list of native integrations, including user directories, calendar systems, and messaging apps.

Get easily adopted

Nibol offers a streamlined user experience, so employees can focus on what matters. No training is required.

Benfit employees

Allowing hybrid work is a benefit that fosters company culture, making employees happier and the hiring of new talents easier.

Track and optimize

Get real-time and historical data on where the employees work and how workspaces are used.

Keep data secure

Nibol adheres at all levels to the highest standards of security, privacy, and legal compliance. Data is 100% hosted and processed in the EU.

Grow as you need

Adapt quickly as headcount and needs changes. Nibol enhances your flexibility, keeping everything more organized than ever.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Create a flexible workplace your employees will love

Schedule a 15 minute demo with one of our experts, you’ll discover every feature and see how Nibol can foster your workplace flexibility and team engagement.