Why Nibol

Make the most of hybrid work

With Nibol you can optimize office use, free your team from bureaucracy, and create an optimal employee experience, both in-person and remotely.

Reduce chaos and admin tasks  

Managing hybrid work and attendance will no longer be a problem. After the initial setup, employees will use everything on their own without the need for support.

Optimize office use and save on costs

Quickly adapt to changes in workforce and work habits. Save on office space and operating costs.

Improve employee experience

Who will be in the office tomorrow? With Nibol, you can improve employee engagement and encourage face-to-face collaboration.

Track usage and make data-driven decisions

Use real-time and historical data to optimize the use of space and resources, or improve the way people work and are managed.



Saving on office costs


Reduction of management tasks


Adoption rate without need for training

The future of work is now

Nibol helps you improve how you work today and prepare for how you work tomorrow.


  • Easy to use. The simple user experience speeds up all operations without wasting user time. Nibol has a high employee adoption rate without the need for ongoing training and support requests.
  • Easy to manage. After initial setup, administrative autonomy is complete. From a single console, you can manage all platform settings, roles, permissions, and monitor platform usage.
  • Easy to implement. Dedicated onboarding and native integrations with existing tools significantly reduce the time to deploy.


  • Easily scale office capacity, change the number of shared desks, or integrate remote workspaces. Save on rental costs and quickly adapt to changing staffing levels.
  • Multiple modes of interaction from mobile, desktop, and in-office displays.
  • No hard limits. You pay for the number of users, not the number of desks, meeting rooms, buildings, or anything else.
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  • Nibol processes all data in compliance with GDPR regulations.
  • The data is stored solely in data centers located within the European Union, which are certified to ISO 27001 and SOC2 standards.


With Nibol, you can access detailed information on attendance rates, work patterns, and the utilization of company resources and space.

The data can be used to:

  • Optimizing office space usage.
  • Improving the work policy in place.
  • Create a workplace more suitable to the real needs of employees.
Workspace analytics

Easy to use, easy to manage

Capterra 5 Stars Badge - Best Ease of Use

"We configured Nibol quickly and appreciated the ease of adding workspaces and making desks and meeting rooms bookable."

"With Nibol changing the number of bookable desks is easy. This allowed us to  manage the capacity of the offices with max flexibility."

"Nibol adoption has been  effortless. It is now used by all our employees, without training and requests for support."

The complete solution for managing hybrid work

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