Use cases

The modern solution for managing office and people

Nibol helps companies and employees benefit from hybrid working. It makes management easier, reduces office costs, and improves engagement.

Simplify office management

No more chaos. And management tasks down by 90%.

How many people are in the office? On which days? How many workstations are in use? Which are most used? Do you need more or less space for meeting rooms?

In the old days, these were answered with many control tasks and Excel sheets. With Nibol, office managers have these answers at a glance and HR managers can monitor the work habits of teams to understand the effectiveness of hybrid work strategies.

Desk booking

Reduce costs and optimize spaces

Cut costs, not efficiency

Using Nibol managers can gather comprehensive information on actual office usage and leverage this data to make data-driven decisions.

  • Keep undersized offices with a growing team.
  • Reduce the size of underutilized office space.
  • Improve the office space usage limiting areas open for booking on less crowded days, reducing waste in energy consumption, cleaning, etc.
  • Improve the office space to encourage employee attendance.
Workspace analytics

Improve employee experience

Enhance in-person collaboration

85% percent of people are motivated to go to the office to meet with colleagues. Nibol enables people to choose the right day to ensure that every office visit is not a waste of time.

With Nibol, managers can decide to derive phone booths, quiet rooms, relaxation zones, collaboration zones, etc. based on actual attendance and space utilization data.

Visitor management

The complete solution for managing hybrid work

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