Simplify visitors' access and package deliveries on-site

Empower your teams to invite and receive visitors at the office, automating all tedious procedures. Manage all packages sent to the office and notify recipients when their package has arrived.


Make your organization a more welcoming place.

No added bureaucracy

Employees just have to receive the guests and ensure they enjoy the visit.

Instant notifications

Notify guests with all the necessary information and notify employees when their guests arrive.

GDPR  compliant

All personal data are stored securely and protected in compliance with the GDPR .

Kisi integration


Access control to specific areas of offices can be easily managed.


Manage all deliveries and distribute them to employees.

Easy package scanning

The package barcode is scanned directly using the Nibol mobile app.

Recipient recognition

Recipient data is automatically recognized

Package notifications

In-app and email notifications are sent to the recipient.

Automatic reminders

Reminders to collect the package are sent in-app and by email, getting rid of abandoned packages.


What you can do with Nibol

Everything you need to run a people-centric workplace. Desk booking, meeting room scheduling, finding colleagues, inviting guests, receiving deliveries - everything will be fast and easy. Working at the office or remotely has never been easier.

Book desks, spaces and equipment
Book desks, spaces and equipment

Employees can book desks, spaces, and equipment. At the office and anywhere remote.

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Connect coworkers and foster engagement
Connect coworkers and foster engagement

Employees can find colleagues, view their work location for the week, and access additional information.

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Welcome guests
Receive deliveries
Welcome guests and receive deliveries

Employees can easily invite guests on-site and receive deliveries without them piling-up at the reception.

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Create a flexible workplace your employees will love

Schedule a 15 minute demo with one of our experts, you’ll discover every feature and see how Nibol can foster your workplace flexibility and team engagement.