Fiscozen. The (successful) challenge of a growing team office

Fiscozen is the leading service in Italy to manage VAT registration online, through a software platform and a tax assistance service. Founded in 2018 with headquarters in Milan, the company has experienced exponential growth with over 100,000 active users and significant investments raised. Business development has gone hand in hand with the growth of the team, which has expanded rapidly to over 150 employees today.

From the outset, supporting the growth of the Fiscozen team and expanding the employee recruitment base has been helped by a company culture based on goal-oriented work and flexible work solutions. At the same time as this growth, however, office utilization has been a critical issue.


For a startup like Fiscozen, the office represents a significant economic investment in the medium term. Finding and moving to a new location often takes longer than growing the team, not to mention the cost of the operation. This situation was particularly critical for Fiscozen, whose office, located in a charming basement in the Navigli area of Milan, was undersized and poorly soundproofed, thus chaotic and uncomfortable.

Fiscozen's HR team, faced with exponential team growth, was thus faced with a triple challenge:

  1. Finding a solution to accommodate a growing team within limited space.
  2. Making the office an attractive space for employees, in line with the corporate culture.
  3. Moving to a new location while optimizing the medium-term investment.


To solve the problem, Fiscozen opted to use Nibol as a platform for desk booking, allowing employees to have a system to independently manage and book desks, see the calendar of who is in the office, and choose when and near whom to work.

Fiscozen chose Nibol primarily for its ease of use and management. Employee adoption was immediately close to 100 percent, with full autonomous use, with no special training required. The use of Nibol thus allowed the company to continue using limited space, rotating staff in attendance, with minimal management effort.

At the same time, the new office was natively designed as a hybrid office with bookable workstations,able to accommodate up to three times the number of employees, thanks to Nibol's data insights. Thus renewing the cycle of optimization and savings for further business growth.


Thanks in part to Nibol's contribution, Fiscozen has succeeded in the following order:

  • house the team in an undersized office space
  • obtain the Best Places to Work Italy award
  • move to new, larger office space, planning to use it for future growth

Employees can better organize themselves without the rigidity of fixed workstations, and the company makes the most of available space. In their new offices in Milan, they benefit from a comfortable work environment, and with Nibol they continue to enjoy the ability to choose the workstation that best suits their individual and team work needs.

The use of Nibol simultaneously allows the company to save on costs and resources, proof of which is the choice of a 90-station office planned to suffice up to 300 people.


The introduction of Nibol and smart working has enabled Fiscozen to turn the challenge of office work into an opportunity. Fiscozen's story shows how flexibility and the adoption of innovative solutions are key to sustaining rapid growth while remaining agile.