Introducing the new Nibol

Changing is never easy, I think we all agree on this.

Today is an important day for Nibol, as it represents a step towards our goal, that of allowing people to work on their passions, wherever they are.

When we started this project, we wanted to help freelancers and professionals find cafes with wi-fi where they can sit and work quietly, meet new people and make business acquaintances. After last year, while our vision remained the same, we enlarged this possibility to companies.

This rebranding allowed us to stop a moment and think about ourselves, our values, who we are, and what we want to become.

A new logo

A new logo, very often, is much more than a different shape. It indicates a new dress but worn by the same people: Nibol, our team, and all the people who have used us at least once.

The new logo represents the way we see our mission. The wave of change that we want to ride by providing all the necessary tools to ride these innovations with us.

Two waves, one joined to the other, to indicate the movement and the continuous innovation that we want to bring to the world.

Two waves, which together form the N of our name.

Finally, a bright color, which demonstrates strength, technology, and a bit of madness, is what it takes to transform the way people will work in the future.

If we imagine a brand logo as the tip of a submerged iceberg, then we immediately understand how what we see at first sight has a lot to say about what lies beyond appearances. The Nibol logo has been completely redesigned to position the company in its new level of maturity. Effectiveness, simplicity, and pragmatism find their expression in the essential lines and typography. The pictogram is the visual result of the "Nibol Wave" concept, a wave of innovation in the world of work of which the brand is a precursor.

IUNO creative studio

A new site

We immediately knew that a new logo would not be enough to tell what Nibol is today and where Nibol wants to arrive tomorrow. So we have also completely renewed our website.

Simply telling things is the greatest challenge for any reality. Both when it comes to marketing and when it comes to the product.

Not only that, in addition to simplicity, we also wanted to demonstrate our transparency, our attention to the data we process and the services we offer.

All of this reflects our values ​​and the way we see things.

The illustrative style

Finally, the last thing we needed was an illustrative, recognizable style that could speak to our users correctly, coherently with our tone of voice.

To do this we relied on the friends of IUNO creative studio, which worked on the entire rebranding.

The realization of the illustrated contents began with careful research on the human figure that has developed in a faithful format. The cleanliness and immediacy of the scenes are a fundamental part of conveying the message expressed by the Nibol features.

IUNO creative studio

The main pillars of this choice reflect our principles: inclusion, diversity, empathy. Values ​​in which we strongly believe. This is why we are very proud of this work.

The construction technique uses a combination of colored pencils and technical pens. This to obtain a clean result in the shape, that alternates with brightly colored backgrounds to naturally capture the viewer's attention on the message expressed by Nibol.


This project took several months of work, but it has been a fantastic journey. This is not a point of arrival, but just the point of departure. In this way we want to attack the market, with simplicity and clarity, to allow everyone to work on their passions. Wherever they are.

This is just the beginning for us, and we are happy that you are part of it too!