Nibol unveils the first report on remote working in Italy

The largest data analysis was carried out starting from thousands of bookings made in 35 cities in the country during 2021 using the app that helps every worker to book their workstation.

Milan, March 2021 - Nibol, the Italian start-up leader in Workplace-as-a-Service solutions that has developed the most used app to book a workstation, today reveals an in-depth study of the habits of remote workers in Italy. The report includes an analysis of anonymous data on bookings made in dozens of offices and hybrid spaces throughout the country. The results outline an exciting picture of how, nationally, people are facing the new phase of smart working in our country.

Surprisingly, the numbers show that, after the pandemic in Italy, where going to the office has always been an ingrained habit, people have chosen to continue working from home or from alternative places to their company headquarters for many days each week. . This report also highlights new habits regarding the use of interior office spaces: the majority of people who use Nibol to book a workstation choose to work from a different location at least once. Time to say goodbye to photographing your pet on your desk!

Some interesting facts in brief:

  • With 100 seats available in the office, 71 are never booked. It means that nearly three quarters of the offices are always empty.
  • 9 out of 10 employees worked at least once from a location other than the one traditionally used during the year.
  • Wednesday is the day when most people ever go to the office. On Fridays there are up to 30% fewer people than on Wednesdays.

"After analyzing a huge amount of information, we are very happy to be able to share the first report on how people choose where and when to work - says Riccardo Suardi, CEO and Founder of Nibol - and there is no one able to do an analysis similar in Italy to today, since we are the only company that offers locations in which to work both for employees of companies traditionally used to working only from the office and for freelancers and external collaborators who have always been autonomous and independent. "

Nibol is the start-up that helps in the management of company spaces, aimed at offering ever new solutions to allow anyone who has to complete a work task to do it where they want and when they want.

The start-up records hundreds of anonymous data-points every day and aggregates them in the largest Italian digital library on agile work. The information needed to create this report comes from all bookings made using Nibol during 2021 by app users. The report can be of fundamental importance for companies and commercial activities to fully understand how the "consumption" habits of the workplace are changing by the increasingly diverse public of workers in our country, starting from large urban centers, up to rural communities.

The personal desk works less and less

People who go to the office book a workstation according to the people they have to meet and the type of work they will have to do during the day (e.g. maximum concentration, working with colleagues, training a new resource, etc)

  • of every 100 employees, 88 have chosen not to sit at the same workstation at least once during 2021.
  • Workers are looking for more and more flexibility based on the activity they have to do during the day
  • If workplaces get improved to respond to particular needs, employees could book a different location every day and would work from the offices more often

More than half the office is always empty

On average, analyzing the bookings made in all the companies that use Nibol tools, it was found that almost three quarters of the mapped stations are always empty.

  • For every 100 workstations available in the office, a maximum of 29 workstations were occupied at the same time
  • In average, the day with the biggest number of reservations at the same time during the year is Wednesday.
  • On Fridays, office occupancy is at a minimum: the maximum peak of seats booked at the same time is 21%

Small companies = (too) large offices

  • There is an interesting inverse correlation (-0.51) between the size of a company's workforce and workstations available to employees
  • Most companies that employ a large number of people do not have offices capable of accommodating all their collaborators at the same time
  • The management of a medium-small company tends to still ask all employees to be present in the office every day

The office remains fundamental

  • Between 2020 and 2021, the employees served by Nibol grew by 500%
  • We recorded, over the course of a year, a perfect direct relationship between the increase in the number of employees served and their number of bookings made to go to the office
  • The ratio between employees served and bookings made has risen from 1: 2 at the beginning of 2021 to 1:10 in December 2021

Notes for the editors

Specific analysis for defined areas can be produced by Nibol after contacting the persons responsible for the analysis.

About Nibol

Nibol is a supplier of a Software-as-a-Service solution in the field of Workplace management, that is the new sector that is emerging around the need to allow autonomy and flexibility in the organizations of the time and space in which each worker operates his own intellectual performance.

In 2018 Nibol created the first App in Italy that allows you to reserve a hotdesk in cafes, coworking spaces and exclusive locations made available on the platform by "hosts" users, willing to intercept a new type of audience for their activities.

Nibol offers a subscription service aimed at companies of all sizes to help employees and collaborators of these realities to book a place to work, in the office as well as outside. Nibol also offers various tools to the Human Resources offices allowing the agile management of accesses with Covid-19 “Greenpass”, parking lots, deliveries of any type of parcel entering the company spaces as well as welcoming external visitors.