The secret to a workplace where people love to work? Sustainability!

One of the aspects that pushes more and more employees to change jobs is the degree of sustainability of their company.

Making green choices in the office will show employees that you want to create a workplace experience that aligns with their values.

Climate change, COP26, Greta Thunberg, SDGs… your head is spinning, right?

The pandemic and smart working have shown us that it is possible to pollute less, and more and more people are becoming aware of sustainability and ecology issues.

This also applies to the workplace: a recent report from intranet company, Unily, revealed that 83% of workers thought their employer was not doing enough to be more sustainable and tackle climate change.

What's more, 65% said they would be more likely to work for a company with robust environmental policies.

Making environmentally friendly changes will not only create a better work experience for employees and adhere to their value system, but it will also ensure that you minimize waste.

There are many solutions you can adopt to make green choices. Below we have put four tips for you.

Technology against waste

There are many apps to help organizations and consumers go green.

In the world of hybrid work, there are several solutions like Nibol that let you know in advance how many people intend to go to the office on any given day.

This will help you plan the right amount of resources to best accommodate people on-site, without unnecessary waste.

For example, let's talk about food. As we had already suggested, you can have each employee take turns preparing lunch for everyone, so as not to waste food or have to shop for the office, risking that something goes thrown away.

As for the spaces, however, knowing in advance how many people will go to the office, you can decide to use only a few rooms, limiting the consumption of electricity, heating or water.

These are two simple examples to help you run a greener and more cost-effective workplace.

Goodbye disposable tableware

Speaking about food, one of the quickest ways to create a greener work environment is to replace disposable cutlery with classic cutlery.

Many companies opt for compostable cutlery and plates instead of plastic ones, but in our opinion, there is a better solution.

Encourage people to bring their favorite cups to the office or cutlery from home. It will help keep the disposable dishes in place, away from the bin.

Sharing is caring

Now accustomed to smart working, some employees may be reluctant to take public transport or the car.

This could lead people to give up going to the office, but you can prevent it. You can encourage employees to use carpooling, like Bla Bla Car.Not only will they feel safe in terms of health, but they will be able to save considerably on travel (time, money, gasoline - the environment appreciates!) And socialize with each other during the journey.

Right space, right needs

Do you want to avoid having empty offices, while also making sure that people have enough space to be productive?

In this case, you can rely on space management technologies, such as desk booking tools such as Desk by Nibol.

These systems also provide you with data that you can use to properly scale your office, perhaps renting a smaller space and saving on energy consumption, air conditioning, etc.


These are just a few tips for building an increasingly sustainable workplace where your employees want to work.

If you have any other suggestions or want to share your experience, write to us!