JUL 15, 2024

New Mobile Apps

All the new features and improvements introduced with the new web platform are now available in the native apps for iOS and Android. These apps have the advantage of push notifications, so you don't miss anything during the workday.

The administrator interface remains available only in the web version to ensure the best management experience.

JUN 01, 2024

New Dashboard

We've launched a new Dashboard that offers a comprehensive overview of booking and space usage data, which can be filtered based on various needs. The primary focuses include:

  • Office: This provides information on office usage, space optimization, and check-in details. It includes metrics such as active bookings, total and cancelled bookings, cancellation rate, occupancy, average advance booking time, completed and missed check-ins, and office presence.
  • Groups & Users: This section contains data on employee behavior regarding bookings and presence. Metrics include bookings per user and per group, and group presence rate.
  • Meeting Rooms: This area provides data on the usage of meeting rooms by building, space, and group. Metrics include average advance booking time, the day with the most bookings, the most booked room, and bookings per room.
  • Spaces on Demand: This section details the potential use of co-working spaces. Metrics include average cost, average booking time, the day with most bookings, and the most booked venue.

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MAY 27, 2024

New Calendar

In this release, we have made available the new Calendar that allows each user to:

  • See where colleagues are working (in the office, remotely, not at work/on holiday)
  • Search colleagues by name or email.

For more information see our guide.

MAY 21, 2024

New logs and improved Map

In this release, we have made available two new logs dedicated to visitors and deliveries and we have improved the Map to book on-demand workspaces (free and paid).

New logs for Visitors and Deliveries

In the Reports section you will now find two new logs:

  • Visitors log. You can view the complete list of invitations to external visitors made by your colleagues.
  • Deliveries log. You can view the complete list of packages delivered to your offices and which have been notified by the Delivery Managers.

You will be able to download this data in csv format, entering the time frame for your analysis.

Improved Map

An updated map for on-demand booking of spaces (free or paid) is now available. As your company's administrator, you have the option to display Nibol affiliated spaces. If you choose to do so, your employees can book these spaces using either the company budget or their own payment methods. Find out more


  • Your company's offices are now displayed on the map.
  • The updated design simplifies the search and booking experience.

APR 6, 2024

Nibol 5.0 - New app and unified platform

The new version of Nibol has been redesigned from the ground up to improve stability, performance, ease of use and management.

  • New web application with improved user experience and performance.
  • A single platform for administrators and users.
  • Always updated, always accessible on

Fixes and improvements

  • Improved meeting room booking. It is now possible to book a meeting by viewing the free rooms in the desired time slot on the in-app calendar.
  • In-app support. Admin and users can receive support directly using the live chat in the app.
  • Improved notification system. Admin and users now have full control of the notifications (push and email) they want to receive.
  • Improved user management. Admins can now edit user details, assign groups directly when creating new users, re-invite users, remove profile photos.
  • Improved company settings. It is now possible to choose a custom time to check in, set the opening of buildings for 24h, drag the spaces to order them, set the language of the company.

SEP 14, 2023

Saving future bookings of deleted users

In the event of user deletion from the company directory, his future bookings are preserved for 24 hours.

In case of manual deletion by an administrator or a failed synchronization with Active Directory, the users involved will not immediately loose all future bookings made. These will be saved for 24 hours, the time to restore a missed synchronization.

Fixes and improvements

  • End user app - Fixed bug that prevented saving favorite spaces
  • End user app - Inserted a redirect to the login page after password reset
  • End user app - Inserted the removal of a payment method
  • End user app - Fixed the selection of Booking Actions according to settings

JUL 13, 2023

Edit booking

Now you can edit a reservation you have done in your office. You can now edit the time, day and entity. Find out more

Fixes ad improvements

  • End-user app - Fixed a bug that prevented the correct delivery of push notifications related to booking check-in.

JUN 5, 2023

Dashboard 2.0

The updated version of the dashboard is now available on the admin platform, showing new data focused on user behavior. Admins can now easily view the average utilization of desks, as well as the percentage of confirmed check-ins or canceled bookings.


Discount codes are available for booking on-demand spaces, such as co-working spaces, meeting rooms, and private offices. Entering the code during the payment process will result in a discount on the final price.

Fixes ad improvements

  • End-user app - Updated the payment flow for reservations. The charge will now occur 4 hours prior to the reservation start time. This change was made to simplify back-office operations.

MAY 5, 2023

Personal default time for bookings

Under Settings, users can now personalize the default start and end times for your bookings at the office.

Fixes ad improvements

  • End-user app - We have listened to your feedback and simplified the process of selecting start and end times for booking by using the native time picker of iOS and Android..
  • Rooms tablet app - Fixed a bug related to notifications that prevented events from being updated in real time.

APR 11, 2023

Book anything, not only desk or meeting rooms

Book anything

Create new categories of bookable entities and add them to your spaces. Bookings for these new custom entities will overlap with existing desk, park, and meeting room bookings.

Fixes ad improvements

  • Rooms tablet app - Fixed an error that prevented check-in from functioning correctly and caused incorrect reporting of the occupancy status of a room.
  • Admin & End-user app - Fixed an error that prevented booking of an assigned desk.

MAR 28, 2023

Nibol 4.9

An all new version: features, design and performance

New features

  • Spaces section, for booking desks and meeting rooms outside your office (in co-working and other on-demand spaces across Europe).
  • Digital wallet, with company-enabled budget, for employees to use in co-working and other on-demand spaces.
  • Status sharing: "At office," "From remote," or "Not working" (leave or vacation). Both current and planned for the week.
  • Colleagues section to see where and when  colleagues are working, to better organize teamwork, both in the office and remotely.


  • Updated personal profile with information to share with colleagues.
  • One-tap booking of the last desk reserved.
  • Multiple reservations on non-consecutive days: booking for multiple days is now faster.
  • Improved visitor invitation, you can now assign a parking space to visitors (not just a desk).